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Steve Denning has been a full-time professional Drummer & Percussionist for over 13 years. His solid time-keeping, highly adaptable drumming, and creative approach to music has enhanced hundreds of live performances & studio sessions for many different Artists & Songwriters over the years. No matter what style of music he is playing, he always plays stylistically, and always brings unparalleled feel & and color to the music he plays.

He has performed and recorded a myriad of musical styles including: Rock, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Funk, Country, Hip-Hop, many forms of Jazz, Metal, Punk, and Various Latin styles. He has performed and toured nationally as well as performing on television and the radio.  If you are looking for a Drummer or Percussionist, whether for an acoustic duo, or for a large band, you will find Steve Denning to be one of the most proficient, hard-working, and "attitude-free" musicians that you have ever worked with.

     For more information on his innovative approaches to live performances and recording sessions, please feel free to navigate to those areas of the site.  Feel free to contact him anytime regarding any questions that you may have about your project, or any future collaborations.  Most importantly – Thanks for stopping by!