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Online Sessions:

Here is the deal: studio time is really expensive . At the very minimum, you are going to have to pay at least $25 dollars an hour for the studio time, and you're going to have to commit to 4, 6, or 8, hours worth of time; Really good quality recording studios with great engineers are usually cost much more . In addition, any decent hired session musician will at least charge $50-$250 an hour depending on the scope & circumstances of the project in order to lay down tracks for an artist or band.

Don't be ignorant: there is a huge difference between using professional musicians and using dirt-cheap or free musicians. Not just in the quality of the playing, but in the amount of time that you waste in the studio for them to get their parts just right. If your art is important to you, call a professional!

I offer a partial solution for songwriters utilizing the internet. For $125 a track I will record a high quality, studio drum/percussion track for your tunes. It works like this:

- Send me an mp3 of your track, and include a detailed description of what any preferences you have for the drum/percussion track.

- Pay at least half of the recording fee up-front.

- I will post a streaming audio file for you to listen to, and once you approve of the final cut and paid the balance, I will provide you with a high quality uncompressed copy of the track.

- Any re-records are only $40 dollars extra.