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Each Student Will Learn:

- How to play the styles of music that he/she listens to.

- How to read music and apply it to songs.

- How to improvise when playing along with songs.

- Proper technique.

- How to create and play drum solos.


Each Lesson Is:

- One-on-One

- Tailored to the needs of each student.

- Highly educational and very, very fun!


Steve Teaches:

- Ages 4 and up!

- At a safe, professional music studio where parents are welcomed to sit-in during the lessons. The studio is called Musicology - please feel free to visit the website:

- At a fully equipped music studio that features: Two full drum sets, a full sound system to play along with songs, guitars, recording equipment, hand percussion, etc.

- All Styles of music: Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Marching/School band, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Latin, etc.