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I will be judging the Guitar Center Drum-Off Competition at the Guitar Center located in the Block at Orange for the next four Tuesdays. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in to watch the competition and say hi!



As of October 1st 2012, I will be teaching at a new teaching studio in Temecula, and I will no longer be teaching at Riffs Music -YES, all of you students will be going with me!



I'm going to be offering some interesting summer group classes for my existing students. Stay tuned!



I'm opening a music school in Temecula in the Target shopping center. This new studio is called Musicology and will offer music lessons for a variety of instruments such as guitar lessons, piano lessons, etc. Check out the website:

Musicology is scheduled to open on November 1st.



Musicology is officially open for business and are drum studio is great! It is a large, sound proofed room filled with drums. I'm still moving my gear in, but so far I've got three full drum sets in the drum studio, four different snare drums, and a bunch of cymbals. Merry Christmas to me!



I am currently teaching some group classes in addition to private lessons at Musicology. We are doing some great group drum classes in Temecula. Also, I'll be teaching some Rockology classes at Musicology too - this is where students will form bands and learn to rock together!



It's recital time at Musicology; Im super excited to hear all of our talented students perform! Musicology is Temecula's number one source of music lessons in Temecula. I'm so happy with the music teachers that we have on staff! Our great guitar teachers provide the best guitar lessons in Temecula!



I have some great group drum classes that I'm planning for summer time: An African Drum Workshop, A rudimental snare workshop, and much more!



Man I havent put anything up here in a while but I've been teaching and touring! Check me out on facebook or instagram to see what I'm up too!